Awkward Postfight Conversation Between Israel Adesanya And Sean Strickland Leaks

Israel Adesanya

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We now know what Israel Adesanya said during his postfight confrontation with Sean Strickland.

After Strickland defeated Adesanya via unanimous decision, Adesanya had a heated conversation with Strickland.

According to Strickland, Adesanya was angry that he made fun of his dog, who had passed away. Strickland, who took various jabs about Adesanya’s strange relationship with his dog during the pre-fight press conference, seemed genuinely surprised to learn that the dog had passed when a media member told him about it.

“It was f****** strange you guys, it was f****** strange,’

‘I think he was mad that I made fun of his dog, I’m not even joking. Is that what it was? He was mad that I made fun of his dog. What the f— is going on here man? Are we having this conversation? ‘He truly was mad. I don’t f—- know. Izzy, I’m sorry I made fun of your dog, I’m sure he’s a great fella.’

Before the fight, Adesanya promised to go “John Wick” on Strickland for making fun of his deceased dog, Millionaire.

In the leaked audio of their postfight conversation, Adesanya could be heard saying, “don’t ever joke about my family,” “I know you think I f—ed my dog,” “I would never bring my family in this into this”, “Don’t bring my family into this.”

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