Bad News For Anyone Who Doesn’t Have DirecTV: NFL Signs 8-Year, $12 Billion ‘Sunday Ticket’ Extension

That’s $12 billion with a B. The NFL’s already insanely lucrative deal (~$1B/yr) has been upped by 50% each year, DirecTV’s NFL ‘Sunday Ticket’ has been extended for 8 more years, and Roger Goodell will DEFINITELY not be losing his job.

One thing is for certain, after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell just upped the NFL’s annual contract with DirecTV’s ‘Sunday Ticker’ from $1 billion annually to $1.5B, there won’t be a single team owner at this month’s owner’s meetings will vote to oust Roger Goodell. He fills their pockets and for that they’ll praise him.

WashingtonPost has the details:

A person familiar with the agreement said it is an eight-year deal worth about $1.5 billion annually to the NFL.

The league announced the extension but did not provide details.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with DirecTV,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a written statement. “DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket have served our fans well for 20 years and continue to complement our broadcast television packages. We also appreciate DirecTV’s commitment to NFL Network, which it has carried since the channel launched in 2003.”

The NFL’s current deal with DirecTV was to expire after the current season and paid the league an estimated $1 billion per year.

“This new agreement is a testament to the terrific long-term relationship we have with the NFL and its millions of fans across the country,” Mike White, the chairman, president and CEO of DirecTV, said in a written statement. “NFL Sunday Ticket has always been the centerpiece of DirecTV’s sports leadership and we’re pleased to continue our relationship with the NFL and be a part of the league’s future growth and success.”

So there you have it, the NFL hasn’t felt any economic pressure from the recent domestic abuse scandals, and if you’re not a DirecTV customer you’re pretty much fucked.

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