Baker Mayfield Says He Shaved Off His Handlebar Mustache After Loss To Broncos Because He ‘Didn’t Deserve It’

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns are going through times.

Before last week’s game against the Broncos Baker decided to rock a handlebar mustache to see if he could get his mojo back.

The Browns went on to lose to the Broncos on Sunday and Baker immediately shaved his facial hair while in the locker room which led to several hilarious memes on the Internet. .

During today’s press availability Baker explained why he decided to shave off the handlebar mustache after Sunday’s game.

“The original thought for me, do handlebars,” “I was undefeated before Sunday with the handlebar mustache.

“So I shaved it off because I didn’t deserve it.”

Baker should probably stop thinking about his facial hair and start focusing on games if he hopes to turn the Brown’s sinking ship around.

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