The Baltimore Ravens Set Incredible NFL Preseason Record

Justin Tucker

Getty Image

The Baltimore Ravens have been one of the best-run franchises in the NFL for decades. And, their dominance in the preseason, where they have now won an NFL record 24 games in a row, helps prove that.

You might be thinking that preseason results really don’t show anything about the quality of a franchise. And, normally, I’d agree.

But, if you’re dominating the preseason year after year, that means you’re drafting well, getting a lot out of camp, and scouting undrafted free agents and journeymen really well. That’s paid off for the Ravens in the past, as the team has been able to survive a ton of injuries recently without the bottom truly falling out on a season.

And, after today’s 20-19 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, the team has set the NFL record for consecutive preseason wins. They haven’t lost a game since 2015. Harambe (RIP King) died in 2015, to put it in perspective how long ago that was.

They will look to make it 25 wins in a row on August 21 against their geographic rivals the Washington Commanders.