Baltimore Ravens Win! Get Ready for the Har-bowl in New Orleans

The game was a tale of two halves—the first was to the Pats' advantage, the second was the Ravens to dominate. Losing cornerback Aquib Talib definitely hurt New England in the second half, and it arguably allowed Joe Flacco of all guys to go HAM and throw for three TDs.

Now the Harbaugh brothers are set to face each other at the Superdome. If you're looking for a sibling to pull for, spend the next two weeks trying to find out how they're different at all. (Good fuckin' luck.) 

Finally, while it'd be crass to say that this is exactly how Patriots fans feel right now, they certainly can empathize with the brutal shock that Stevan Ridley felt on this fourth-quarter Bernard Pollard hit. (Pollard, by the way, is also the guy who took out Tom Brady once upon a time, and it's safe to say that he is still persona non grata in Massachusetts.) Ridley left the game with a concussion, and we hope he and bummed-out Patriots fans are alright.