Bart Scott Rips Tom Brady’s Butt Chin And Calls Him A Cornball With A Hot Wife In Hilarious Rant

Former New York Jets linebacker and notorious man who CAN’T WAIT, Bart Scott could not seem to wait to light up Tom Brady in what might be the most hilarious rant of the young 2015 NFL season. Somehow, what overpowered the rant about Brady for me, was how many times Scott said the word CORNBALL.

He said it so much that the rant honestly triggered memories of all the times I got those popcorn balls (YOU KNOW THE ONES, DON’T LIE) that some people used to give out on halloween. I could never forget them. They came in a very unsafe paper wrapper that was twisted on both ends, which made them perfect for deranged people to hide staples and shards of glass in.

I have issues. And they are deep seated.

“It’s fine, he’s a cornball that was a sixth-round draft pick that became maybe the best quarterback in the history of football and he has a hot wife, he has a great life and he has a bunch of hardware. That’s great. But does that not make you a cornball? No, he’s still a cornball. I’m sure his teammates tell him he’s a cornball. It’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with being a cornball.”

Video here