Bartolo Colon Had A Tough Time Walking To The Mets’ Clubhouse And Big Tree Fall Hard

Besides being one hell of a pitcher, the one thing that we all know about Mets righty Bartolo Colon is that he’s a very, very large man. Like, really, how the hell he’s even a professional athlete defies logic.

As great of a pitcher as he is, Colon might want to practice on his walking skills, though, as video shows him biting it like a kid taking his first steps while walking from the field to the Mets clubhouse after his team’s Game 2 win over the Cubs in the NLCS.

To Colon’s credit, he did a good job not to chip a tooth or break or pull something, so he’s got that whole landing thing down.


After seeing this, though, I can’t tell what’s funnier, Bartolo eating it while simply walking or seeing him play with his belly fat in the dugout a few years ago? Let’s call it a wash.

[H/T Bleacher Report]