Baseball Fan Goes Viral For Devouring Cotton Candy With The Perfect Form

A picture of cotton candy.


A baseball fan is going viral for his interesting technique for devouring cotton candy. The man was caught by cameras chowing down on the delectable treat while cheering on the Los Angeles Angels.

The reaction from commentators started the viral response as the clip continues to make its way around social media.

In the sixth inning of the Angels’ most recent matchup against the Astros, camera crews focused in on an unsuspecting couple in the stands. The attendees were enjoying a tasty baseball snack as they looked in on the action.

Viewers soon got a crash course on how to correctly eat cotton candy as this bearded man absolutely obliterated a chunk of deliciousness.

Announcers in the booth broke down the technique, saying, “You have to take it like this, and you have to shove it all in!”

The fan looked to be attempting to impress his wife, though she didn’t pay much attention to the cotton candy eating form.

The commentators continued with their review, noting some key strategies to help the snack go down in one bite.

“That’s how you get the blue tongue. I like the spinning and twisting,” the host said. “That is cotton candy form to the likes of which I have never seen.”

Fans online immediately chimed in with their responses on social media.

One person wrote, “I know there was baseball, but I was in tears laughing so hard. Thanks for the comedy gold.”

Another said, “My man out with his lady living his best life!”

George Kostanza-esque.

The Angels would go on to win the game, 6-4, sending the cotton candy eating fan home happy.