Minor League Baseball Team Apologizes For Corey Feldman Performance, Leaves Me Asking Myself, ‘WTF Corey Feldman Was Doing Performing?’

For those who aren’t exactly kids of the ’80s and early-’90s, there’s a good chance that you might not know just how big the name Corey Feldman once was. Seriously, in his heyday, the dude was about as big as Justin Bieber is now, getting girls whenever he wanted after starring in a bunch of pop culture-adored flicks.

All those years of crushing it, though, didn’t last forever, with Feldman, eventually, getting old and being a fucking moron, with a few arrests and snorting away his future—coke is bad, kids.

As great as a ride as it was for the dude, that was back in, what, 1985? Can someone tell me why, 30 years later, Feldman is still even relevant?

That’s what minor league baseball fans of the State College Spikes are wondering today, too, as the former actor, teen heartthrob and all-around shitshow had an unbelievably miserable performance following one of the team’s games the other day.

Not only did he toss out the first pitch, but Feldman then performed a couple of songs for a small crowd after the game, which has to be the worst promotional night in the history of baseball. Like, ever.


Onstage with his band, Corey and his Angels, Feldman reminded everyone why its been 30 years since anyone really gave a shit about him, singing as bad as you or I would while in the shower and busting out his best Michael Jackson moves.

To say the crowd left unsatisfied would be a bit of an understatement, leaving them confused as to what the hell their eyes just saw and causing the Spike to issue an apology for Feldman treating the entire thing like a drunken karaoke performance during a bachelor party.

Dear State College Spikes, if you hire a washed up, faded actor from the ’80s, you should have seen this one coming.

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