Bears Bettors In Shambles After Miracle Last-Second Touchdown Rendered Useless By Lack Of Extra Point

Bears Bettors React To Not Covering The Spread By One Point

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, yesterday’s NFL games were absolute garbage. The league is having to reschedule games on the fly due to positive COVID cases and it’s obviously having a knock-on effect on the quality of play. The Browns had to roll out their third-string quarterback last night, and unsurprisingly, their offense looked terrible. Yet, funnily enough, a position not affected by COVID — their kicker — is the one that ultimately cost them the game. Ah, what an experience it must be to be a Browns fan. And I’m a Jets fan, so I feel your pain, fellas.

The Chicago Bears, on the other hand, while not as ravaged by COVID as some other teams, do have an infectious issue of their own, and that’s head coach Matt Nagy, whose career as Bears head coach must surely be on life support at this point. The Bears were only able to muster three points last night… until the final second of the game, of course, when Justin Fields threw up a prayer that was ultimately reeled in by Jesper Horsted. Yes, Jesper Horsted! I’ve never heard of him either.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that the quality of NFL games was severely impacted last night, therefore hindering their ultimate entertainment value? That’s not necessarily true for everyone, as having financial skin in the game means you’re always on the edge of your seat. If there was ever an advertisement for why gambling is a good thing, it was last night’s games.

Conversely, though, the ending of the Bears-Vikings game was also a thesis statement in why gambling can be THE WORST, as the Bears, who were +7.5 on the night didn’t get the opportunity to kick the extra point, finishing the game down 8 and breaking the hearts of bettors who thought they’d just witnessed a miracle push. Pain.