Ben Affleck Lifted Weights With Michigan State’s Football Team

OK, deep breath here because this posts combines so many things I love.

Ben Affleck was in East Lansing yesterday to film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And because the role of Batman requires him to look like an action star and not Ben Affleck, he needed a weight room. Luckily there’s a giant facility in the area intended for that very purpose: the Michigan State football facility.

Affleck worked out in the Duffy Daugherty Football Building weight room for more than an hour earlier Thursday afternoon, and coach Mark Dantonio asked him to address the team.

Affleck took the microphone and introduced himself as “I’m Batman,” and delivered a brief message to the team, encouraging the players to take care of business this weekend at Indiana, according to MSU associate athletics director/communications John Lewandowski.

Now, a lot of Spartans have expressed apprehension about Affleck getting involved with the Vegas favorite to win the national championship. You see, we’re not accustomed to having nice things and don’t really know how to act.

But I see it a different way. Affleck’s presence, however insignificant it may be, can only help. It’s not like the Boston Red Sox were exactly getting it done before he and Matt Damon got involved. Since then? Three World Series titles in a decade and a half.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Affleck. There’s plenty of room for you on this green and white bandwagon.

Also, you were terrific in Voyage of the Mimi.

[H/T: MLive]