Ben Simmons Looks Absolutely Jacked In Shirtless Offseason Workout Photos

Ben Simmons on the court

Getty Image

It’s almost the NBA offseason which means it’s Ben Simmons’ time to shine.

Simmons, who barely played last season due to a back injury, is reportedly healthy and looking like a new person.

According to a report from the NY Post, people around Simmons have noticed a change in his attitude and work ethic.

“The group around Ben has noticed a complete change in Ben’s focus and mentality [through] this rehab and how he has attacked it and engaged with everything,” the source told The Post, “and there is a lot of belief in him being able to return to his All-Star form.”

On Tuesday, Simmons went viral when he shared shirtless offseason workout photos of himself on his Instagram story.

Some NBA fans aren’t buying into the Simmons offseason hype and want to see him perform on the court before getting excited.

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