Who Wins This 315-LBS Bench Press Challenge Between A Hulking Football Player And A Swole Bodybuilder?

These two monsters went head-to-head in a battle of brute strength. The challenge was for each giant man to see who could do the most bench press reps of 315-pounds.

The football player had a distinct height advantage, but didn’t have a size advantage in the arms department because the bodybuilder was stacked. The football player went first and definitely tried to gain an edge by not keeping his ass on the bench. The huge dude put up a very respectable 18 reps.

Then the bodybuilder stepped up to the plate and he did not disappoint. This beast did 30 reps of 315-pounds like it was nothing. Then added four more reps for good measure.

How bad does the football player want to get the bodybuilder on the football field?

A hat tip to both gentlemen for going all out.