Bengals RB Joe Mixon Faces Civil Lawsuit Over Shooting Incident

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Dylan Buell/Getty Image

Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon finds himself once again entangled in legal troubles, this time for a shooting incident that occurred at his residence on March 6.

Mixon, along with Lamonte Brewer, is facing a lawsuit in civil court related to the unfortunate incident, acocrding to FOX19.

Although Mixon was not present at the scene when the incident transpired, Lamonte Brewer allegedly used a rifle belonging to Mixon to fire at a group of teenagers who were engaged in a playful activity involving Nerf guns near the running back’s property.

One teenager suffered injuries as a result of the shooting.

The lawsuit claims that Mixon should have been aware of Brewer’s criminal record and violent past.

The lawsuit further asserts that Mixon “knowingly provided the assault rifle and ammunition to Lamonte Brewer, fully understanding the potential harm that an individual armed with an assault rifle could inflict.”

The parents of the injured teenager have filed the lawsuit, citing negligence and emotional distress.

The legal document also highlights that Mixon had opportunities to address the plaintiff’s concerns and claims, yet has not taken any responsibility for the harm caused.

In relation to the incident, it’s important to note that Joe Mixon did not face criminal charges. However, both Lamonte Brewer and his girlfriend, Shalonda Mixon, who is also Joe Mixon’s sister, have been indicted in connection to the shooting.