These 30 Best Plays Of Steph Curry’s Unanimous MVP Season Make Us Truly Wonder If He’s Really Human

steph curry best plays mvp season

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As you well now know, Steph Curry wrapped up his second NBA Most Valuable Player Award in a row by setting a whole new standard for basketball sharpshooters during the 2015-16 season.

Not only did he hit a ridiculous 402 three-point shots this year (watch every single one of them here), he also could have honestly been named the league’s most improved player, according to ESPN.

Curry is not only the league’s MVP — he also could have been its MIP: Curry improved his player efficiency rating by more than any reigning MVP in history. In 1984-85, Larry Bird increased his PER by 2.3 points, the highest increase at the time for a reigning MVP. Curry’s improvement: 3.5.

ESPN also points out that Curry averaged an insane 50.4 points per 48 minutes in fourth quarters in 2015-16 which is a new high water mark for crunch time since the stat first began being kept in 1996.

Want more impressive stats? Curry hit more threes than the entire Milwaukee Bucks team in 2015-16 and 39 more three-pointers over his past two seasons than Larry Bird and Michael Jordan did in their entire careers.

So we honestly have to ask, is Steph Curry even really human? Because, damn, man.

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