Bettor Hits $56K Parlay, Hides Winnings From His Girlfriend Before Using The Money To Propose

Two wedding bands sit on a pile of $100 bills.


A sports bettor is going viral this week for a ‘proposal parlay’ he hit back in February. Somehow, he was able to hide his $56,000 winnings from his then-girlfriend up until now.

He used some of that money to purchase a wedding ring, which ultimately led him to not only propose but to also reveal his secret.

Teddy Khuuger, who’s Instagram handle is @wreckinkhuu86erz, is the bettor and his $50 futures parlay consisted of four professional championship predictions.

Those 2022 picks included the Astros to win the World Series, the Avalanche to win the Stanley Cup, the Warriors to win an NBA title, and the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. He said that he’d propose if the final bet hit with Kansas City.


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And hit, it did.

The Chiefs came back from an early deficit in Super Bowl LVII to take down the Eagles, 38-35. Patrick Mahomes and Co. fell behind by 10 points at the halftime break, but outscored Philly 24-11 in the second half.

A field goal by KC kicker Harrison Butker with eight seconds remaining helped cash the proposal parlay.

$50 -> $56K

An impressive wager, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that he was able to hide his winnings from his now-fiancé for two months. I would’ve been bragging to everyone in my phonebook about the massive parlay the moment it hit.

And my wife would’ve been the first person I told as a way to justify the habit.

The comments section was full of reaction.

One person wrote, “Things you LOVE to see.” Another said, “Bro is winning bets and has a girl? He has the user manual for life.”

What a win.

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