A Big Ten Basketball Player Talked About How Many Women He Scores With And This Bro Is Suffocating In Beaver

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We all kind of assume that if one is a big-time college athlete, whatever the sport, getting girls must come pretty easy. Turns out it’s even easier than we thought.

In a new article by New York magazine an anonymous Big Ten basketball player spilled the beans on what life is like as a single, successful college athlete when it comes to scoring with the ladies.

Stick around for the part where he complains about it. Seriously.

There are girls for every sport. Some girls go for football players — “puck sluts” is a slang term for hockey chasers. Girls message you, get right down to the point and say “Let’s hook up.” Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. I’d say I’m hooking up four or five times a week. Sometimes on the weekend I’ll hook up with two or three different girls. Many of them are just hooking up with me because I’m a basketball player. They’re using me as well. We’re men, got our hormones and everything, and we kind of just want to release those every now and then. Hooking up does depend on what the girl looks like to a certain degree, and then it depends if I’m tired or not.

Sometimes the guys on the team get competitive about sex. Our freshman summer we actually made it a competition: Who could have sex with the most girls. We had a point system, and we called ourselves the EFC: Elite Fucking Committee. We’d keep track and meet up on Sunday and tell stories.

He then goes on to talk about how he has to always worry about whether girls that he hooks up with might falsely claim sexual assault and how he’s even thought about making them sign consent forms, like he read about Justin Bieber doing.

It gets old sometimes, sleeping with people and having it not mean anything. I did have a girlfriend once for like three and a half years, and sex was much better when you were emotionally attracted to that person. There’s times now where I definitely want a girlfriend. But at the same time in my head I’m like, How am I supposed to know if she likes me for me or because I’m an athlete?

Is it just me or do we need to call the waaambulance for this poor guy? He’s in college so he’s already got a better life right now than he may ever have any other time in his life and girls are throwing themselves at him. Oh yeah, he plays on a Big Ten basketball team to boot.

Yeah, yeah, I know his worries may be real, but as Mike Ditka once said, “C’mon, man.”

Check out the entire piece over at New York magazine.

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