It Will Not Be A ‘Surprise’ If Bill Belichick Finishes His Career Elsewhere

Bill Belichick

Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Bill Belichick is currently attempting to chase Don Shula’s record for the most coaching victories, and needs 19 wins to surpass the legendary coach. At almost age 71, time may be running out for him, at least with the Patriots.

It would not be surprising if Bill Belichick coaches another NFL team for a couple of years if Robert Kraft fires him, veteran sportswriter Peter King has revealed.

The Patriots have struggled since Tom Brady left the team in 2020, with zero playoff wins and a losing record of 25-26. Listening to Robert Kraft speak about the team’s priorities, it seems that previous success may not be enough to save Belichick’s job if the Patriots continue to sink to the bottom of the AFC East.

With Aaron Rodgers rumored to join the division with the Jets and the Patriots falling behind the Bills and Dolphins, it’s possible that they could go 7-10 each of the next two years, leaving Belichick just five wins short of Shula’s record. If Kraft were to make the decision to let Belichick go, it would not be a shock to see him coaching another team for a couple of years in a desperate attempt to get the wins record.

Despite massive success with Tom Brady as his quarterback, Belichick has been a losing coach without the best quarterback in NFL history. Since pushing Brady out of New England in 2020, the Patriots have struggled, while Brady went on to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory that same season. Brady retired three seasons later as Tampa’s all-time leader in touchdowns.

Belichick’s coaching legacy is undoubtedly impressive, but it’s clear that his success was heavily dependent on having Brady as his quarterback. Without him, Belichick has been unable to replicate the success that he had with the Patriots during their dynasty years. As he approaches the end of his coaching career, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to reach the milestone of surpassing Don Shula’s record, or if he will be forced to move on to another team to continue his coaching career.

In any case, the future of the Patriots and Belichick’s legacy as a coach will be closely watched by football fans and analysts alike. The NFL is a league of constant change and evolution, and it’s possible that Belichick’s time as a head coach may be coming to an end sooner than anyone expected.