Bill Belichick Wasn’t Overly Impressed With Tom Brady Playing Through Hand Injury

by 12 months ago

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All week long all the media could talk about the hand injury Tom Brady suffered in practice. After today’s win in the AFC championship game, Bill Belichick was asked what he thought about Brady overcoming his midweek hand injury to beat the best defense in the NFL and the Pats head coach had a pretty amazing answer.

Reporter: Did you have to change your gameplan because of Brady’s hand?

Belichick: Not that I’m aware of.

Reporter: Can you speak to the resourcefulness of Tom dealing with something like that midweek and coming out and playing a huge game like that.

Belichick: Tom did a great job and he’s a tough guy and we all know that but we’re not talking about open heart surgery here.

This can’t be good for the Brady-Belichick relationship considering just a few weeks ago it was reported by ESPN that Brady was tired of Belichick not praising him after games.

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