Report: Bill Simmons Questioning Roger Goodell’s ‘Testicular Fortitude’ Over Tom Brady Ban Was The Final Straw For ESPN



Bill Simmons’ appearance with Dan Patrick Show where he questioned Roger Goodell’s “testicular fortitude” over Tom Brady’s upcoming suspension over DeflateGate was the final straw for ESPN in endind contract negotiations with the Grantland founder, according to report from writer James Andrew Miller.


In his appearance on the Dan Patrick show yesterday, Simmons called Goodell “pathetic and lacking “testicular fortitude” for gauging public reaction before making a decision on suspending Tom Brady.

Miller is also reporting that Simmons’ relationship with ESPN was beyond repair when the company deducted money from his paycheck a week before Christmas for his suspension last September for calling Goodell a liar.


If in the nexxt few days it turns out that Simmons was essentially let go over his criticism of Roger Goodell it would not be a good look for the network.

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