Bill Simmons Shares ‘Intel’ On The NBA Expanding, LeBron James Owning A Team In Las Vegas

Bill Simmons Says NBA Is Expanding, LeBron Will Own A Team In Vegas

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  • Bill Simmons has some major “intel” about the NBA soon expanding.
  • Simmons thinks two cities will be given new NBA teams and LeBron James will be an owner of one of them.
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Bill Simmons is not only the founder of The Ringer, but he’s a pretty plugged-in guy when it comes to the NBA. This makes his latest statement about the league expanding soon very intriguing.

During the latest episode of ‘The BS Podcast,’ Simmons shared the “intel” he’s acquired about the NBA expanding with Ryen Russillo.

Simmons believes that the NBA will put a franchise in Seattle and another in Las Vegas. On top of that, he believes Fenway Sports Group, which LeBron James acquired a partnership in back in March of 2021, will own the Vegas franchise.

“I have some intel,” Simmons began.” I think the league is going to expand to Vegas and Seattle and I think the leading contender to get that Vegas team is Fenway Sports Group. They have Liverpool, the [Pittsburgh] Penguins and they’ve been circling NBA teams for a while.”

“If I had to bet on a LeBron scenario, it would be for him to be involved with whatever happens with that, where he is the point man of that Vegas team. I haven’t heard that mentioned, I don’t care if that gets aggregated, because I think I’m right. I think that is scenario A for LeBron.”

Simmons also explained that he’s heard upwards of $7 billion in order to plug in the two new teams.

Putting a new team in Seattle, or simply bringing back the Sonics, would make a lot of sense. The city recently added an NHL franchise and has certainly been clamoring for the NBA to return ever since the Sonics bolted for Oklahoma City.

Of course Las Vegas makes sense, Vegas makes sense for practically any form of entertainment. The city has had success with the Golden Knights in the NHL and an NB team could very well thrive in Sin City.