Bill Simmons Is Butthurt Because Stephen A. Smith Trashed His Beloved Tom Brady About Deflategate

Following yesterday’s appeals court ruling that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension from Deflategate will actually be held up, ESPN’s most annoying employee, Stephen A. Smith, took to Twitter to take a few shots at the four-time Super Bowl champ.

Some strong statements from SAS, indeed. So strong, in fact, that longtime Boston sports fan, Bill Simmons, didn’t appreciate Smith’s bashing of his favorite quarterback, responding on Twitter by accusing Stephen A. and other ESPN employees of being puppets for the NFL who have leaked negative Brady news since Deflategate began 20 months ago.

Uh, that’s some serious accusations, Billy Boy. Simmons continued to do what any sane and pissed off sports fan would do—rant some more about Brady being suspended.

Given the fact Simmons has never been much of a fan of Smith’s—trolling him on IG a few months ago—and has publicly bashed with ESPN, his former employer, this little beef between the two isn’t much of a surprise.

Maybe these dudes just need to go grab a brew together and just talk some shit out.

[H/T Complex]