Bill Walton Proved He Really Likes Bridges During One Of His Classic Ramblings


If Jim Harbaugh didn’t exist, it would be incredibly hard to argue that Bill Walton isn’t the craziest person in the world of sports. The former NBA star ended up transitioning to announcing after the end of his playing career, and he’s provided a constant stream of entertainment since then.

The noted Deadhead has repeatedly talked about his affinity for marijuana while on the air, showed off his love for tie-dye on multiple occasions, and has gained a reputation for his borderline crazy “Waltonisms” that constantly keep viewers on their toes. You never know what’s going to happen when Walton is calling a game, and he lived up to expectations during last night’s matchup between Michigan State and North Carolina.

During the game, Walton became aware of the fact that Michigan State has a player named Miles Bridges, which caused him to channel his inner Harry Caray and launch into a tangent about bridges in general. To call it Vintage Walton would be quite the understatement.

The ramblings need to be heard to be truly appreciated, but if you can’t listen to the video, here’s an excerpt:

“Miles Bridges, who is not I’m told related to Lloyd or Beau or Bill, the Bridge School, the Bridge Benefit Concert, the St. Johns Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge. I love bridges. It’s really the ultimate tool because it allows you to get some place you can’t get on your own.”

Walton went on to show off his impressive knowledge of bridges in the city of Portland (where the game was being played) confirming once again that he is truly a national treasure.

Never change, Bill. Never change.

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