Bill Walton’ Shenanigans Last Night Include Talking About Marijuana, Evolution, and The Grateful Dead

NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton is an American national treasure. When ESPN puts him on the air for a Pac-12 college hoops game, he becomes the spectacle more than the game itself. Last night Bill Walton was providing color commentary for the Colorado-Arizona with Jay Bilas, who awesomely mocked Walton by rocking a tie-dye Grateful Dead shirt in the booth. It became a long, strange trip mighty fast:

Walton apparently brought along a Grateful Dead talisman for the booth:

And of course, he said some ridiculous things, like Shane Battier — who Walton said can be president just the other week — getting “high enough on his own”

And of course, the conversation inevitable turned to marijuana being legalized in Colorado:

And then things got REALLY weird. Walton started handed out gifts in the booth. He gave Jay Bilas a Jerry Garcia book, then he handed a copy of Charles Darwein’s “Origin of Species” to his sidekick David Pasch, stating: “I want to make sure you believe in evolution.”

Apparently Pasch doesn’t.

A long, strange trip indeed. Never change, Bill Walton. Arizona beat Colorado, 68 – 54.

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