Check Out Bill Walton Dressed As Father Time At A Grateful Dead Show And Wonder How High He Might Have Been

Just when you thought that NBA Hall of Famer and current broadcaster Bill Walton couldn’t be anymore awesome, he goes and does something like this to, once again, show he doesn’t give a damn what other people think.

Walton, who seems like just a little bit of a pothead from previous comments he’s made, may or may not have toked up prior to a Grateful Dead show this past weekend where he showed up dressed as Father Time with a fucking lightsaber for all of us to enjoy.

Here’s Walton with singer John Mayer:

And here’s the big man onstage as if he was a prophet or some shit, helping bring in 2016:

A massive Deadhead, Walton has said to have attended over 850 Grateful Dead shows in his lifetime, so he just sort of knows how to have a good time when the band’s jamming out.

[H/T Busted Coverage]

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