Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Set to Return To NFL Field After Cardiac Arrest

Damar Hamlin

Don Juan Moore/Getty Image

Buffalo Bills‘ safety Damar Hamlin is “scheduled to play” and make his return to the football field this Saturday in the preseason Week 1 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.

The announcement came from Bills’ head coach, Sean McDermott.

Hamlin’s comeback holds special significance as it marks his first game appearance since a harrowing incident on January 2nd, when he collapsed on the field while playing against the Cincinnati Bengals due to a cardiac arrest.

Coach McDermott expressed his support for Hamlin’s remarkable journey, stating, “This is, to some extent, uncharted territory for me as well, and all of us.” He went on to say, “So we’re just trying to do the best we can to be there for him. I try to keep a close eye on where he is and where he’s showing up and how he’s responding. And he’s done a great job.”

The coach’s words reflect the team’s dedication to Hamlin’s recovery and his triumphant return to the sport.

Fans and fellow players alike are eagerly anticipating Hamlin’s return to the gridiron, a true testament to his resilience and determination.

As he prepares to step back onto the field, the entire football community stands behind him, celebrating his comeback and his unwavering spirit.