Bills Fans Wary Of Von Miller’s Latest Injury Update

Von Miller

Getty Image / Bryan Bennett

The Buffalo Bills took a brutal blow midway through the season last year after Von Miller fell to a serious knee injury.

It sidelined him for the remainder of the season and it clearly effected the team’s output on defense.

As of now, it’s not entirely clear when he’s supposed to return, Rumors are that he could return by Week 6 of the upcoming season. But reports also suggest he could be ready to go by Week 1.

With that said, it sounds like Von Miller is in good spirits after sharing a positive injury update of his own.

According to Pro Football Talk, “Miller said he’s ready to get on the field at training camp, expecting to avoid the active/physically unable to perform list.”

Here’s what Von Miller had to say about his injury update.

“I have good information from my doctor, and my knee is all healed up. It’s all about me and how confident I can be [over] the next three months.”

Miller is all too familiar with the injury process. He’s dealt with serious issues before during his time with the Denver Broncos. Von Miller talks about the process of recovering from an injury he suffered.

“You kind of know what to expect. You kind of realize the weight of what’s going on. You’re not thinking about how tough s*** is. You’re anticipating what’s going to happen next [and saying], ‘I know I’m supposed to be here at three months, here at four months and here at six months,’ and I just focus on where I’m at and the emotional part of it and the mental part of it because those are the things I can control.”

He makes some solid points and who knows, may Miller will be ready by the start of training camp.

On the other hand, Bills fans aren’t really buying what Miller is selling. It appears they feel he’s led them astray before and are taking his comments with a grain of salt.

Miller has burned Bills fans before.

Sounds like the fans want to learn about Von Miller’s injury update from the team instead.

Some Bills fans can only recall one time where Miller’s comments were accurate.

With all of that in mind, this is certainly a situation to monitor.

The Bills are currently one of the top teams in the league and could use Miller’s help for a possible Super Bowl run.

Look for more updates on Von Miller’s injury, and let’s maybe ensure it comes from the team instead.