There’s Already A Divine Painting Of ‘Billy Manziel’ Up For Auction On eBay [UPDATE]


Unless you’ve been trapped inside the Bubble Boy’s bubble for the last 36 hours, you’re already up to speed with the legend of “Billy Manziel.” But in the event you have not yet heard the big news, Johnny Football reportedly housed a blond wig and a fake mustache as he strolled around a Vegas casino the night before the last game of the NFL season, naturally going by the name of “Billy.”

It’s precisely the kind of extra theater the storied franchise needed and the perfect last straw in Johnny Manziel’s Costanza-like exit strategy to once and for all, escape the Cleveland Browns.

So, what now? Well, now, for the very reasonable price of $500, a painting of Billy Manziel can be all yours and proudly hang in your man-cave as a fitting ode to this increasingly hilarious football franchise.

Billy Manziel painting ebay 500 dollars


I must admit, the blond approach is starting to grow on me. This version of Billy Manziel basically looks like a sleazy game show host that cannot be trusted under any circumstances. Sounds about right.

As for the Costanza exit strategy, Johnny’s still looking for a trophy to abuse.

A plastic, replica Lombardi Trophy should work just fine at this point.

*****UPDATE: SOLD!*****

Billy Manziel painting on ebay sold

That was quick.

[H/T @FollowEmak]

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