6 Reasons ‘The Pit’ In BKB Is The Most Intimidating Place On Earth

Your girlfriends’ parents’ house. In the batter’s box against Clayton Kershaw. At your first real job interview.

There is no shortage of intimidating places in this cold world. Places where the air is thick with apprehension and danger lurks in every nook and cranny. But none of them compare to the singular hell that is BKB’s playground The Pit.

If you’re unfamiliar with BKB, it’s time to get familiar. BKB is a new, intense, mouth-punching sport that revives what made regular boxing great back in the day — the good old knockout. The rules and matches in BKB are much different and the action is way more insane. The next BKB card will be live from Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas on Saturday April 4th at 10PM EST. It’s also available nationwide on every major PPV provider.

The Pit is what separates the men from the boys, the winners from the losers, and the brave from the cowardly.

The Pit is the focal point of BKB, the next evolution of boxing. Forget your father’s pugilism. BKB puts the KO back in boxing.

And here are six reasons you couldn’t handle stepping into it

It’s Controlled Chaos

The Pit is approximately half the size of a traditional square boxing ring and has no ropes and no corners. The condensed fighting surface is aimed to make fighters confront one another and never, ever run. Ref can deduct one point from a fighter if he intentional steps outside of The Pit. A fighter has two choices — step outside and lose a ton of points or stick around and lose his face. Tough choice.

There’s No Escape

In The Pit, there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. At 17 feet in diameter, The Pit offers no sanctuary. There is no room to dance. Combatants must face their foe head-on, the way boxing should be.

The Stakes Are Extreme

In The Pit it’s either attack or be attacked. There is no ring. There are no ropes. There’s only room for fast, aggressive fighters. With the crowd so close, but the feeling so open, the fighters look like gladiators slugging it out for our amusement. It’s the thrill of the Roman times all over again. Minus all the plagues and death.

There’s No Time To Think

With feverish 2-minute rounds and nonstop action, there’s precious little room to let the mind wander. You either step in prepared or you’re prepared to pay the consequences. There’s no dancing around, no taking a breather and no tying up in the ropes and praying for a round-saving bell — because there are no ropes.

People Will Know How Hard You’re Being Hit

Not only will viewers get to see the hits, they’ll be able to feel them — or at least know how hard they are — thanks to glove sensors that will be implemented for the first time in a live PPV boxing event. The gloves measure the speed of the punches and the force of the blow to the fighter’s body. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Everyone Wants To See A Knockout

We’ve all suffered through those 12-round fights were, well, not much happens. That type of stuff doesn’t happen in The Pit. The goal is to see a knockout. The fighters can feel the crowds breathing down their neck, waiting for the epic blow.

The next BKB event will take place LIVE from Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas on Saturday April 4th at 10PM EST. Check your PPV provider for more details or visit BKB.tv to learn more.