Two Bros Catch 1,135-Pound Black Marlin, The Largest Ever Caught In New Caledonia Waters, And A True Dinosaur

It’s that time of the year, bros, when the HUGE Blue Marlin and Black Marlin start showing up around the world and anglers are treated to epic rod-and-reel battles. This 1,135-pound Black Marlin was caught by Steeve Tojib and Georges Mayet in Poindimié, New Caledonia.

New Caledonia is a relatively tiny island located in the Coral Sea, located roughly half way between Brisbane on Australia’s Gold Coast and Fiji, and New Caledonia typically doesn’t make headlines for ‘granders’ because this is the largest fish ever caught in those waters. And because New Caledonia is such a small island the meat harvested from this enormous Black Marlin will go towards feeding the locals for quite some time.

Let’s check out some photos of this absolutely gigantic black marlin:

It took Steeve Tojib and Georges Mayet 3.5 LONG hours to reel in this 1,135-pound Black Marlin, the 16th Grander caught this year. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Grander‘ it’s used to describe Blue and Black Marlin weighing over 1,000-pounds, often considered to be the ultimate trophy in sport fishing.

Here’s where New Caledonia is, for reference:

The two anglers took turns fighting this enormous marlin on stand-up 130-pound tackle, which must have been ABSOLUTELY KILLER on their thighs and back, but they managed to land this enormous fish after nearly four hours and carried it back to shore on their ‘small trailer boat’, according to Grander Watch.

More often than not when we see ‘granders’ caught it’s a big Blue Marlin, it’s actually fairly rare that we see a Black Marlin caught of this size so this is a VERY notable catch, and one that those two anglers will remember for a lifetime.

…(via Grander Watch)…