Blake Griffin Reportedly Got Into Heated Confrontation With Fan Seated Courtside For Calling Him ‘Boy’

Getty Image

Heated confrontations between NBA fans and players is starting to become a problem for the league.

Just a few weeks ago, we saw Russell Westbrook get into a heated altercation with a Jazz fan who yelled some obscenities his way.

After Russ’s incident with the fan we then learned that another Jazz fan from last year got racial with his trash talk when he yelled “boy” at Westbrook during the playoffs.

Fast forward to today where it’s being reported that Pistons star forward was also involved in a similar incident when he confronted a Timberwolves fan for calling him “boy” back in January.

While both Jazz fans have been banned from attending games in Utah there is still no word on whether the Timberwolves are looking to identify the fan who yelled obscenities towards Griffin.

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