Bobby Marks Suggests An Absolutely Wild Four-Team Trade Involving Kevin Durant And A Ton Of Other NBA Stars

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ESPN NBA Analyst Bobby Marks has thrust himself into the spotlight during the NBA offseason. It hasn’t always been by choice. ESPN co-worker Malika Andrews started it off by absolutely torching Marks over his GM history. But then Marks opened himself up to criticism when he called Steph Curry the second-best NBA player of all-time.

Now Marks is back in the headlines, and it’s yet again his own doing.

Bobby Marks Suggests Wild Four-Team Trade Involving Kevin Durant

Marks went on ESPN NBA Today on Wednesday and suggested an absolutely crazy four-team trade.

Marks’ trade sends Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns, Donovan Mitchell, Myles Turner and Mikal Bridges to the Brooklyn Nets, DeAndre Ayton to the Indiana Pacers and Ben Simmons and Cam Thomas to the Utah Jazz alongside a whopping five first-round picks and three pick swaps.

“That checks the boxes for Brooklyn as far as what they are looking for,” Marks said. “…That checks the boxes for Phoenix. We’ve all talked about DeAndre Ayton and a potential offer sheet. This is a sign-and-trade. He goes to Indiana. Here’s the big question. Is this enough for the Utah Jazz?

Marks says he believes the deal makes sense for three of the four teams, it just comes down to the Utah Jazz. While Donovan Mitchell is undoubtedly a fantastic play, a young star as well as five first-round picks and three pick swaps would be a haul like the NBA has never seen before.

Basketball fans were skeptical of Marks’ concoction.

It’s crazy…but it just might work.