Boxer Ryan Garcia Impressed With UFC’s Alex Pereira ‘He Fights Like A Terminator’

UFC Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya

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Ryan Garcia is impressed by UFC superstar Alex Pereira’s boxing skills.

This week, Pereira will be facing off against Israel Adesanya in their much-anticipated rematch at UFC Miami.

During a recent appearance on Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast, Garcia says he’s impressed with Pereira’s boxing skills.

“That’s (Pereira vs. Adesanya) gonna be huge,” Garcia said. “You know what’s crazy though? I’ve never seen somebody throw a hook like me, but Pereira does throw a hook like me. He throws it where you don’t really use your legs too much. You just, ‘Whack!’

Garcia also thinks Pereira is scary.

“That guy, he’s scary. I don’t even think I would even wanna be near this man. He’s just a destroyer… He fights like a terminator. It’s weird, bro. That dude, he’s something else,” Garcia added.

You can watch the clip of Garcia on the Impaulsive podcast below.

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