Boxing Superstar Ryan Garcia Gives Behind The Scenes Look At His Intense Training Routine & Everyday Life Ahead Of Super Fight Vs Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

Boxing superstar Ryan Garcia will be fighting Gervonta Davis on April 22nd via Showtime PPV in what is easily going to be the biggest boxing match of the year.

Garcia hopes the fight against Davis could change the landscape of boxing and bring the sport back to its glory days when top boxers would regularly face off against each other and deliver classic boxing matches.

“I think this going to bring boxing back to where it was in the glory days where, you know, you have Marvin Hagler versus Sugar Ray, you had Leonard versus Hearns, Duran versus Hearns, Duran versus Leonard. So, you know, I think it’s going to bring back a lot of those moments.”

Ahead of the historic fight, Garcia has teamed up with GMC Hummer EV for a behind-the-scenes four-part docuseries ‘Road to the Ring” that will take a look at his life, his training camp, and what car he’s driving before finally facing off against his longtime rival.

Much of the first episode of the docuseries focuses on Garcia’s intense workout regimen as he prepares for the biggest fight of his life.

“I wake up in the morning, I run around eight miles. Then from there, I do strength and conditioning for about 2 hours. And then I got boxing training around 7:00 at night, 8:00 at night.”

During his time off, the series shows Garcia hanging out with friends and playing one of his favorite competitive video games, Smash Bros.

The second episode of the series goes behind the scenes before Garcia and Davis’ first press conferences in NY and LA and the mind games the two boxers play against each other.

The series features Garcia driving around in GMC Hummer EV, which is the car he’s going to be riding in on his way to his fight against Davis.

“I love GMC and I love the new Hummer. I think the Hummer is fantastic. When I first was driving in, I thought like, yo, this is the future. The Watts To Freedom feature was amazing to see in person, I’d never seen a feature like that in a car before, so it got me really excited and I love the team from GMC.”

As for his fight against Davis, Garcia promises fans they will see one of the best fights they’ve seen in a while.

“You guys are going to see one of the most spectacular fights that you’ve seen in a while. If you ever want to know what a magnificent, beautiful boxing fight is, go watch April 22nd and in the knockout and you’ll get your money’s worth. That’s a promise.”

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