Tom Brady Has Set A Record No One Will Ever Break

Tom Brady Has Set A Record No One Will Ever Break

Getty Image / Mike Ehrmann

Tom Brady has a lot of NFL records. The quarterback, now in his 23rd season in the NFL, is widely regarded as the greatest signal-caller in league history, and each week it seems like he does something that adds to that legacy. This week, it was an epic 4th quarter comeback against the Rams that made us all remember how good he is.

But, something else happened in that game that was noteworthy, and it’s something likely none of us will ever see again.

Tom Brady went over 100,000 yards passing

early in the 4th quarter, with the Bucs facing a 3rd and 20, he dumped the ball of to Leonard Fournette. Fournette scampered for 16 yards and, with that, he went over 100,000 career passing yards.

That 100,000 yard total includes the playoffs. Yes, Tom has over 13,000 yards in just the playoffs alone.

The vast majority of those yards were with the Patriots, where he spent nineteen seasons as the starter and won six Super Bowls.

100,000 is a laughably high number. He could walk from Baltimore, Maryland, all the way through Washington DC and into the Virginia suburbs with those 100,000 yards. It’s over two marathons, distance wise. Just a wild feat we will never see again.