Magic Guard Brandon Jennings Tweets ‘LeBron Is Leaving’ Because The Cavs Lost Game 1 Of NBA Finals

Like most of the world did last night, Orlando Magic point guard Brandon Jennings was watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors. And, like everyone who did just that, he left even more impressed with the Dubs, shaking his head at the Cavs and disappointed at the final score.

And because he’s an NBA player who likes to voice his opinion, Jennings took to Twitter to say exactly what he thinks—and it included his prediction that LeBron James is bolting Cleveland again.

Interesting take, BJ. Sure, the Cavs looked awful for about a five-minute stretch from the end of the third quarter to the early stages of the fourth—where Golden State’s bench pulverized Cleveland—but let’s not think this series is over just yet.

Jennings continued his to share his thoughts on Twitter.

James might have the deepest team he has ever had in the past—yes, that includes those Miami teams—so it’s humorous to think that this one game will just lead him to throw in the towel, leave Cleveland again and continue to shit on the city’s sports teams.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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