The San Jose Sharks Came Up With A Genius Giveaway That Celebrates Hockey Beards And Chia Pets


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San Jose Sharks All-Star defenseman Brent Burns happens to sport one of hockey’s most explosive beards. So thanks to the hairy monstrosity you see above, the team has brilliantly decided to celebrate it in Chia Pet form on March 28 when the Sharks host the Kings. Yes, any fan who purchases a ticket package that includes the game of note will receive a “Chia Burns.”

What a work of art.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a better giveaway except for maybe back in 2011 when the Minnesota Twins gave away bobbleheads of Kent Hrbek famously pulling Ron Gant off of first base:

Kent Hrbek Ron Gant bobblehead


But back to the beard. While the dude does have an impressive 50 points in 58 games, the only reason I know of Brent Burns is due to the pube jailbreak that resides on his face.

So hence, Chia Burns. Makes sense to me.

Now, please go ahead and enjoy this disturbing footage of a Homer Simpson Chia Pet growing its “hair.”

You’re welcome.

[H/T CBS Sports]