Texans’ Brian Cushing Thinks Starbucks Is For Chicks, Goes Nuts On Teammate Alfred Blue In Practice On ‘Hard Knocks’

This week’s epsiode of ‘Hard Knocks’ featured huge bro and absolute maniac Brian Cushing.

Early in the episode, Cushing wanted to let everyone know that he doesn’t drink Starbucks because “he’s not a chick”.

Later on during one-on-one drills Cushing got a little heated with teammate Alfred Blue during a blocking drill. Blue pushed Cushing after the whistle and Cushing went batshit crazy challenging Blue over and over until he finally was able to crush him. After the drill, Cushing told Blue to never push him like that again because “first of all you can’t block me, second of all you don’t want to fight me, third I’m the man”.

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