World’s Strongest Man Breaks 100M Indoor Rowing Machine World Record, Nearly Poops Himself In The Process

Strongman Brian Shaw from Fort Lupton, Colorado is the reigning World’s Strongest Man. He’s taken home then title of ‘World’s Strongest Man‘ 4 times in the past 6 years (2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016), and as you’d expect he’s a complete animal in the gym.

In the headline, I say that Brian Shaw ‘nearly pooped himself’ while breaking the 100M indoor rowing machine world record, and I say that because I recognize the look on his face. Back in high school I was on crew, and one of our competitions in between the Fall and Spring was an Indoor Rowing Regatta where they had hundreds of us lined up in a room, pulling our mother fucking asses off on the Concept2 ergometers, and it wasn’t uncommon for someone to actually crap their spandex shorts (or unisuit) during this ‘race’. I shit you not when I say I’ve seen two bros shit themselves on that exact same Concept2 erg model that Brian Shaw set his record on, so that’s where my headline comes from if you were wondering.

Moving on, Brian Shaw did, in fact, break the 100M Concept2 indoor rowing machine world record on a whim. Rowing is one of the most physically strenuous sports in existence because it’s a compound movement utilizing all the muscles in the body. Many experts claim the only sport that’s more physically demanding than Rowing is Water Polo. So for Brian Shaw to just decide to break the 100M world record on a whim is insane. And he didn’t just break it, he destroyed the existing world record. He recorded a time of 12.8 seconds for 100-meters.

Brian Shaw beat the fastest existing time by a full second. Now, it’s up to Concept2 on whether or not they want to recognize his world record setting feat as legitimate. He’s got the video evidence to back up his claim and a room full of witnesses, so I’m shocked they haven’t already updated the stats on their website.

[h/t DIGG]