Brittany Mahomes Blasts ‘Grown Men’ Talking Trash About Her On The Internet

Brittany Mahomes sitting courtside with Patrick Mahomes


Brittany Mahomes is fed up with people talking trash about her on the Internet.

Last week, Joe Rogan took a shot at Brittany after watching a clip of her celebrating the Chiefs Super Bowl win during his podcast.

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The latest to taunt Brittany Mahomes is Joe Rogan, who suggested on a recent episode of his famous podcast that she wouldn’t be such a Chiefs fan if the pair were to get divorced.

“Promise they keep that same energy when you get divorced,” he said.

“They come after you. They come after you with that same energy.”

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes went viral on Sunday while sitting courtside at the Lakers-Mavs game.

Brittany apparently saw some of the comments made about her at the game and blasted the “grown men” who talk trash about her online.

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