Brittany Mahomes Blasts KC Newspaper For Promoting Article Calling Patrick Mahomes ‘Selfish’

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The Kansas City Star decided to run a fan’s opinion ripping Patrick Mahomes, and Chiefs fans, including Brittany Mahomes aren’t happy about it.

On Friday, the long-running Kansas City newspaper ran a “letter to the editor” article that featured a fan calling out the team’s franchise QB for being “selfish.”

Via KC Star

PUTS ‘I’ IN TEAM After watching the Kansas City Chiefs for the past two years, I think it is clear that Patrick Mahomes is not a team player. He doesn’t care if his team wins or loses. All he cares about is how he looks. It’s beginning to look very obvious. He’s a good quarterback but really doesn’t care about his team as a whole.

Fans were clearly not happy with the KC Star promoting the fan’s opinion and making it seem like was an op-ed piece.

“Newspapers generally do a TERRIBLE job of making clear to readers what is opinion, whether editorial board (which is a whole separate discussion) or letters to the editor.Perfect example here. A 61-word “letter” to the editor and @KCStar thinks, “Yeah, let’s juice this!”

“This just continues my personal thought that Newspapers leaning into clickbaity Op-Eds accelerated the decline of said newspapers.

“Mixing opinion garbage like this with the news makes it very easy to discredit an operation.”

Evan Brittany Mahomes chimed in.

“Y’all are extremely ignorant for this. Kansas City doesn’t do this to it’s people, what a joke you guys are. 😂”

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