29-Year-Old Brittany Renner Causes Uproar By Showing Up To Jackson St. Campus And Telling Everyone To ‘Hide’ Their Sons

Brittany Renner

  • Hornets’ PJ Washington and IG model Brittany Renner broke up earlier this year months after birth of their child
  • Renner was criticized by fans who accused her of “grooming” the younger Washington
  • On Saturday, Renner once again found herself at the center of controversy by showing up to her alma mater and telling people to “hide” their sons
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Brittany Renner is once again trending on social media after causing another uproar.

Earlier this year Renner broke up with Charlotte Hornets’ PJ Washington who went on to call her out for “faking” their relationship months after giving birth to their child.

Fans would then accuse Renner of “grooming” the younger Washington and hooking up with him just for the child support payments.

On Saturday morning the 29-year-old Renner trended on Twitter after people criticized her for showing up to Jackson State to tell people to “hide” their sons.