Brittney Griner’s College Coach Is Offering Her No Support In Shocking Comments

Brittney Griner's College Coach Is Offering Her No Support In Shocking Comments

Getty Image / Andrew Wevers

The Brittney Griner saga has been ongoing for quite some time. The former Baylor star and current WNBA superstar is one of the best women’s hoopers on the planet. But, earlier in the year, she was arrested entering Russia to play in their league when she was caught with hashish oil, a marijuana derivative.

Griner has since been sentenced to nine years in Russian prison, sparking domestic and international outrage. Some think she is a political prisoner, being kept in Russia as consequence for the United States’ sharp opposition to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Nearly everyone in sports has sent out their well-wishes for her 6-foot-8 center. But, her college coach, former Baylor coach and current LSU coach, Kim Mulkey, is not one of those.

Mulkey has nothing nice to say about Griner

Mulkey was asked about her former star that gave her a national champion in 2012. Her response was as cold as can be.

That is the opposite of empathy.

Of course, the rumors around Kim Mulkey and her treatment of LGBTQ+ players have been around for a while.

the the sports world reacts

People were pretty mad at Kim Mulkey for her comments during the Baylor sexual assault scandal. You can judge those comments against the ones she made today about Griner for yourself.

Queen Egbo, who played for Mulkey at Baylor, had some pretty sharp words for her former coach.

Bakari Sellers did not mince words either.

This is certainly part of a trend for Mulkey.

Needless to say, a lot of people will be rooting against LSU this year.