UFC’s Brittney Palmer’s Wins Over Instagram With Viral Crop Top Jeans Outfit

Brittney Palmer

Josh Hedges/Getty Images

UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer has once again broken the internet with her latest Instagram posts. Seriously, if Instagram were a cage match, she’d be the undefeated champion by now.

Now, we all know that UFC stars have some serious moves, but let’s be real – Brittney Palmer’s charisma could probably knock out a few opponents without even throwing a punch.

Since she burst onto the scene, she’s been giving the fighters a run for their money in the captivating presence department.

With a following that boasts more digits than most people’s phone numbers, Palmer is the true champ of the ‘gram.

After a sunny vacation in Cancun, Mexico – where the sun probably got a little starstruck by her presence – she graced her followers with a picture that left more jaws on the floor than a heavyweight showdown.

Rocking a crop top and jeans combo that had the internet sweating more than a round in the ring, she cheekily captioned the post: “Forget the rules.”

Not too long ago, Brittney celebrated her 36th birthday, and guess what? She didn’t do it quietly. Nope, she strutted her stuff down the beach with bikini pictures.

And let’s not forget the exclusive backstage pass she gave us to a UFC dressing room event. Who needs pay-per-view when you’ve got Palmer’s behind-the-scenes sneak peeks? It’s like the ultimate fan experience, minus the sweat and cauliflower ear.

Oh, and did we mention her Cancun vacation? Because she shared some bikini pics from that trip too.