Bro Goes Spearfishing, Shoots A Massive Wahoo, Then Has The Gnarliest Ever Run In With Bull Sharks

by 3 years ago

Texas Bluewater Safaris

The ocean belongs to the sharks. When you head out on a spearfishing adventure like this bro did in Brazoria County, Texas you have to know that there’s a decent chance you’ll come within close contact of a shark at some point throughout the day. As a spearfisherman you’re firing a spear through a fish and releasing all sorts of blood into the water, that in turns brings the sharks around.

This bro almost became a statistic, as last year set a world record for the most shark attacks worldwide at 98. However he was able to get away from the rabid bull sharks and their ravenous feeding frenzy, and all he lost was a few big ass chunks from the massive wahoo he shot…The same fish that nearly cost him his life.

Here’s spearfisherman Keith Love holding the wahoo that nearly cost him his life (story below):

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