Broadcaster Trolls Matt Ryan With 28-3 Reference In His 1st Game In The Booth

Matt Ryan walks off the field after an Atlanta Falcons game.

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Matt Ryan was the victim of some trolling during his first NFL broadcast. The former Atlanta Falcons passer was roasted by a boothmate with a 28-3 reference.

That quip has quickly gone viral on social media as Ryan has again become the butt of jokes due to that letdown Super Bowl performance.

In maybe the most memorable game of his playing career, Matt Ryan had the Falcons up by four scores against the Patriots in the second half. Then, disaster.

Atlanta blew its 25-point lead and eventually lost in overtime. The collapse represented Ryan’s only Super Bowl appearance while giving NFL fans instant ammunition for their online trolling.

The quarterback can’t seem to get away from that loss, and it’s now followed him into his broadcast career.

Calling his first game of the season, Matt Ryan was roasted with a 28-3 reference from his boothmate.

“This game feels like it should be 28-3 in favor of Minnesota. Why is it still 10-10?”

You could immediately see Ryan roll his eyes after the jab. The internet quickly erupted with response to the shot.

“It’s your own people who do it to you,” one fan said.


Matt Ryan may never get away from that 28-3 letdown.

Jacob Elsey
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