Sean Payton Told Backup QB Ben DiNucci: ‘There’s a Greeting Job At Walmart’ Open After He Threw A Pick-6

Sean Payton

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

In a lighthearted moment during Denver Broncos minicamp, head coach Sean Payton playfully teased backup quarterback Ben DiNucci after he threw an interception that resulted in a pick-six.

Payton, sometimes known for his quick wit and sense of humor, seized the opportunity to poke fun at the young quarterback, who is seeking to make a name for himself in the NFL.

The interception occurred during practice, with rookie linebacker Drew Sanders making an impressive play to intercept the pass. Interestingly, the play unfolded right in front of Broncos owner Greg Penner, adding to the significance of the moment. Prior to the incident, Payton had been speaking positively about DiNucci’s progress, which only added to the amusement of the situation.

Payton’s banter continued as he jokingly offered career advice to the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who was drafted in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Payton mentioned that the Broncos’ ownership also happens to own Walmart, a retail giant, and suggested that if DiNucci’s football career didn’t pan out, he could potentially find a greeting job at one of the local Walmart stores.

Payon said: “I told Ben, ‘You know, he owns Walmart. If it doesn’t work out here, I’m sure there’s a greeting opportunity somewhere at one of his local stores.’”

While Payton’s comments were meant in good humor, they also highlighted the challenges that DiNucci has faced in his professional football journey. Since being drafted by the Cowboys, he has struggled to find consistent playing time in the league. In his rookie season, DiNucci appeared in just three games, with his most notable start being against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 8, where he threw for 180 yards.

Despite the limited opportunities in the NFL, DiNucci recently had a successful stint in the XFL football league, which showcased his abilities and potential. Prior to signing with the Broncos, he excelled as one of the league’s top performers, leading in pass attempts, yards, and passing touchdowns. DiNucci’s achievements in the XFL demonstrated his ability to lead an offense effectively and left a positive impression on the Broncos’ coaching staff.

While Payton’s humorous comment might have elicited laughter from those present, it is important to remember that it was made in a light-hearted context.

Such moments during practice can help build camaraderie among teammates and coaches and alleviate the pressure of intense training sessions. As the Broncos continue their preparations for the upcoming season, the focus will be on developing the team’s talent and creating a cohesive and competitive roster that can achieve success on the field.