Report: The Browns Will Not Re-Sign Veteran Running Back Kareem Hunt; Believe His Speed Is ‘Slipping’

Kareem Hunt

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have reportedly made a decision not to re-sign running back Kareem Hunt, their talented 27-year-old running back.

According to Terry Pluto from, the Browns believe that Hunt’s speed has been “slipping” lately, and this may have contributed to his career-low average of 3.8 yards per carry last season.

Despite being a successful player, Hunt has not received any reported interest from other teams in the NFL during the free agency period and has not visited teams. It is reported that he may be lucky to receive a one-year deal worth $4 million at this stage of his career.

Hunt was drafted in the third round by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 and made an immediate impact in his rookie season, leading the league in rushing with 1,327 yards and earning a Pro-Bowl selection.

However, he was cut from the team in 2018 following the release of a video that showed him physically assaulting a woman and kicking her while she was on the ground. The incident was investigated as a misdemeanor assault, and the victim did not take the case to court, resulting in no criminal charges being filed against Hunt.

Throughout his career, Hunt has accumulated 5,831 yards in total for rushing and receiving, with 48 touchdowns to his name. However, as he enters his late twenties, some in the NFL view running backs in this age group as being in decline. This may be a factor in the lack of interest from other teams in signing Hunt.

It is unclear where Hunt will end up next, but it appears that his time in Cleveland has come to an end. The Browns will need to find a replacement for him in the upcoming season and beyond.