There’s A Professional ‘Knight Fighting’ Circuit And This Is The Most Brutal KO In The Sport’s History

When I first saw this in passing my eyes wanted to read it as ‘professional knife fighting’ and I immediately stopped, thinking there was no way in hell a pro knife fighting competition existed. Well, as you can see this isn’t at all about knife fighting, it’s KNIGHT Fighting, dudes dressed up like knights with swords and full armor, beating the ever living shit out of each other…Sure, it’s basically the neckbeard equivalent of MMA but you simply CANNOT deny that this was a badass knockout. That dude took repeated shots to the dome without being able to stop anything from happening.

I actually cannot say with 100% certainty that this is the most brutal/badass knockout in the sport’s history but given that the title of the video agrees with my sentiment I’m just going to let this one roll, because it’s a metal as fuck K.O

Let’s watch this once more in GIF, shall we?

According to the video’s description knockouts are extremely rare in Knight Fighting which I guess makes perfect sense given that these dudes are covered in full-body plate armor. I’d like to suggest that after every round these knights are forced to remove one piece of their armor but that seems like it’d open up the sport to SERIOUS injury, so it’s probably not realistic whatsoever.

If you want to keep up with the wild world of Knight Fighting you can subscribe to their official YouTube Channel at M-1 Global World.

(via r/videos)

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