Bryce Harper As A Tween Was A Big, Chubby Dweeb


UPDATE: I originally said Harper was 15 in this post, but thanks to a tipster, it has been corrected, since he is clearly not in high school here.

Bryce Harper, last seen crushing bombs on a scale humanity has never before seen, had a birthday today.

He’s 22 now. You’re probably older than him. In fact, he’s still one of the youngest players in all of Major League Baseball, despite having finished his third season.

And while Harper is now a mountain of muscle not unlike Ser Gregor Clegane, he wasn’t always a tightly-coiled, rippling human specimen.

In fact, in little league (we aren’t sure just what age he is), he looked kinda like a chubby doofus. And we know that, thanks to a post from one of his friend on Twitter.


[Via @RecordsAndRadio]